gas and break

Life comes in so many  waves. Sometimes it flows out and sometimes it comes pouring in. And sometimes they collide and create a riptide, doing both at once.

This weekend was the riptide sort.

I spent time with my mom (luv) and found this picture frame to hang a picture of all my kids.


Then I went to the bridal shower of my running buddy’s daughter. Here she is with her daughter… and daughters.

WP_20140222_005 WP_20140222_006 WP_20140222_010Then I headed to Lizzy’s game and awards presentation.

WP_20140222_023And straight from her game, we headed to Benjamin’s District Playoff game.  He won and so did the girls team. WP_20140222_024Ben made First Team All-League and his coach and Uncle Russ (girls coach) both received coach-of-the-year.

WP_20140222_029 WP_20140222_031And while all this life was being lived we were being feed updated about the aftermath of a severe car accident. An accident involving a dear friend’s husband and young son that eventually took the life of her baby.  My heart…our hearts felt like a new driver was at the wheel pressing his foot on the gas and the break at the same time.

It was right to be happy and it was right to be filled with sorrow. It’s amazing what the human heart is capable of feeling.

Lord, please help Amanda. Please help Chad and the kids. Help them heal and help them find You in the midst of the riptide.

I love what my Sis-in-law wrote here.

And I love what my Pastor said here.

And I love that people are helping like this.

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Snow 2014-boys

Boys take to snow like ducks to water.

Boys take to snow like peanut butter to honey.

Boys take to snow like chocolate chips to cookies.

Boys take to snow like toilet paper to a hiney.

Boys take to snow like dirty clothes to my laundry.

Boys take to snow like cellphones to teenagers.

Boys take to snow like Earl Grey tea to my mornings.

Winter snow 2014. Five inches on the valley floor.



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The snow-girls

Snow storm 2014 = weather induced family vacation

It’s almost like camping at home. We laughed. We played. We wrestled. We stayed up waaaay too late and we slept in.

And I took tons of pictures. IMG_0657 IMG_0656

Sisters love the snow. However Lizzy had something to learn. What is wrong with this picture.


It’s okay honey. After we all stopped laughing Mark taught you the right way.


Liz played in the snow for hours and hours. She rocked that sock monkey hat.


Liz said. “Mom when I was outside I was building small snowmen and other things and as soon as I was done Cindy (the dog) would trounce on them and smash them. I got frustrated and chucked a snowball at her. She dodged it and made a snickering-hehe-face at me. I did it again, but she kept running away. She’s good at keep-away.”


This one of Deb has my heart. Stop, Pause, Reflect, Savor…Store in heart forever.

Her is a couple more of us girls…tomorrow will be the boys.

WP_20140208_018 WP_20140208_021 WP_20140208_008

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Hawks and bolts

Tim and I had friends over for the super-bowl. We had the bowls and they brought the SUPER.

It’s nice to have friends that make it easy to be three clicks back in the recliner.


Warm cookies and warm caramel corn. That’s enough to make me dance in the end-zone.




Then after the comfortable couch time, Tim worked on a drain repair in the girls room. His motto is: Boys you’re going to have a house of your own someday….(Repeated often) WP_20140202_006




Don’t they look serious and ready to work!







By this time the sarcasm is dripping faster than the faucet.

Ben, I love how HELPFUL you are.


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Wimpy kid, Mark, and Tim

The kid’s reading program at school has hyper-increased there reward/incentive programs. Because of that Liz and Mark are reading a ton, which thrills me to no end.

Mark, my little quality time love, reads his books out loud to Tim. At least he does with The Diary of the Wimpy Kid series. I’m not sure who enjoys it more.

WP_20140127_010Mark is too impatient to get to the end to wait for Tim’s small, nightly installments. So he reads ahead and finishes the book and then rereads it for Tim.

But because it’s Mark’s second reading he knows where all the funny parts are and has to read with a tortured straight face until Tim get to the punch line.

WP_20140127_005Between that and Tim’s snake laugh… ssssssssss ssss sss ssss! We are all entertained.

Sometimes I wish this season of my life wouldn’t end.

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down the pike-brain train.

Last week our pastor used the phrase, “What ever comes done the pike.” in his sermon. His point was cool and morally valid I’m sure, but my brain took a detour.

Down the pike? What does that mean? I asked Tim but he gave me the WE’RE-IN-CHURCH look. You know, the one that means he’s paying attention and I’m not. His eyebrows said, “shhhhh. Don’t interrupt me. This message is more interesting than super-bowl commercials.”

With that dead-end I tried to let it go. FAIL.  Down the pike? What’s a pike? Does he mean the fish?

What ever comes down the fish? NAAAH. They sure do have freaky teeth.

Then I remembered Hans Brinker, The Silver Skates. (book) No, the boy didn’t plug a PIKE with his finger he plugged a DIKE. Moving on…

Should he have said “down the pipe?…”

followed by this memory from when we were first married:

WP_20140129_001 When this was taken Russell worked for city sewers and Tim worked for city water. They had a long, unrepeatable conversation about what kind of pipe this was and what would come down it and how it was WAY-TOO-SMALL. (Imagine Russ pre-Jodi)WP_20140129_002That wasn’t right either. So, I jumped on my phone and looked it up.

A pike is a road.

Ahhh. A road. Whatever comes down the road. Thank you computer phone. I am now enlightened and now that I have that essential detail firmly planted in the front of my brain then something less useful, like multiplying fractions, my children’s ages or the dates of the civil war, can fall out the back of my brain.

I think I like “What ever comes down the pipe.” for my pastor’s sermon.


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Fun Photos-our life

I’m going to copy Jodi’s style today, because it’s my favorite when she does it. Pictures from the week. (only mine aren’t from instagram.)


Tim drinking a smoothie prepared by yours truly, looking so very hunky! (Thanks Viola…great gift)WP_20140126_020First house fix/repair/update of the year. I removed the broken shower door and hung a curtain. Sweet!

WP_20140126_004I made my kids pose for a picture before church, squinting into the sun. (They always love that so much.)

WP_20140126_006Oh My Sammy…be still my heart.

WP_20140124_041Winter wonderland reading incentive day at school. Liz read all the days needed to get the free pass. Nice face paint…Grandle’s and their eyebrows, I tell ya.

WP_20140124_017 Deb loving and doctoring George. He had a run-in with a raccoon and lived to tell about it.  Which is more than could be said for the wild, stray that showed up on Thanksgiving. He fought the law and the…law won. (Broke Lizzy’s heart. Keep your ears peeled for a short-haired kitten this spring.)

Deb took great care of George and even talked about being a vet tech or something. WP_20131129_006R.I.P- Oliver Jack.

I have to admit, I’ve always seen people with cats hanging out around their computers while they worked. I didn’t get it until this guy showed up. (Repeat…broke my heart… keep your ears peeled for a short-haired kitten this spring.)

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